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2010-11-05 08:09:17 by IcePanda

Ok i need some ideas on what to make next like art and things so any ideas?


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2010-11-05 08:17:20

make something that involves Sonic the Hedgehog.

IcePanda responds:

Lol k


2010-11-05 08:41:36

Nah don't


2010-11-05 09:42:15

hi iam 22 and how are ya

IcePanda responds:

FAIL lol


2010-11-05 09:56:17

Ok, here's a idea:

What about, if you'll make a flash movie (obviously)?
Ok, I'm gonna ask this question: Are more of a programmer or a drawer/musician?
I've been "searching" or thinking, that if somebody would be interested to make a game, I could be the writer of the game.

I can't draw very well, and I can't make gifs.
I also can't program, so, I just can write a story 'bout something.
So, what do you think?
(Sorry for the randomness of myself).

IcePanda responds:

I can Program and do music and art.