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What do you do?

2010-11-03 22:30:13 by IcePanda

Ok so there is this Massive spider in my house right now and i have no idea how to remove it

it is around the same size as the inside off a small plate?

any ideas on how to remove this?


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2010-11-03 23:49:38

Ok idk how late i am to help you but get a pretty long stick and from a distance bash it where its head is and keep bashing unitl its dead then get a broom and put it in a trash can then TAKE OUT THE TRASH! lol but i do seriously hope i helped thats how i get rid of spiders.

IcePanda responds:

Ty for the help you idea work perfectly xxx.


2010-11-03 23:51:03

and when i mean get a broom sweep it into the garbage can then dispose of the bag if it is as big as im thinking it is.


2010-11-03 23:51:59

oh and PM me or comment on my page if that helped.


2010-11-04 00:26:55

Why, spray it with spray paint of course! Not only is it fun, but it'll get rid of the bugger.


2010-11-04 01:06:50

Throw FIRE BALLS at it!!! lol

IcePanda responds:



2010-11-04 23:03:14

Glad i could help!


2010-11-05 08:08:23

.... Grab it?
spiders are friendly..


2010-11-05 08:09:34

Spiders are terrified of commitment. Just propose.