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Have you?

2010-11-03 01:07:52 by IcePanda

Have you ever wondered why stars are so big and bright and yet when it is day time you can't see them?


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2010-11-03 01:19:11

Haha. I have indeed wondered it. :) Maybe it's time to come up with an answer!


2010-11-03 01:20:04

Not really. The sun being the closest star would naturally "flood" the sky with it's light. Because all the other stars are so far away, not all of their starlight will reach Earth.

Of course, if you meant it in a poetic way, I'm sorry I misinterpreted your question.

IcePanda responds:

I meant it in a poetic way but i see what you mean about the sun and all xx.


2010-11-03 01:26:55

I agree with Bill Nye the science guy ^^


2010-11-03 01:27:25

wene r u gonna post music cuz i wanna here it.

IcePanda responds:

I will soon lol.


2010-11-03 01:45:54

yeah i do, most of the time :p


2010-11-03 01:49:35

And there are billions of stars, but we can still only see one during the day.
To me it feels like all that beauty is lost during those hours.

IcePanda responds:

I totally agree.


2010-11-03 02:01:59

Maybe on a certain day, if we go a certain way, we'll get to touch a star, and never have to wonder what you are...

IcePanda responds:

Lol that was cool. xxx


2010-11-06 15:46:18

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