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Art N music

2010-11-02 23:40:46 by IcePanda

Needs to upload some off my music lol :), but first more art lmao.


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2010-11-03 00:42:14

wut is the point of purple shade?

IcePanda responds:

Lol random nothing to do with my post but hay, it was a little project thing i did on another site off who could do the best art work.


2010-11-03 00:43:27

Also great art.


2010-11-03 00:44:58

Your art is sooo good i book marked ur art gallery.

IcePanda responds:

That means alot, oh and if you see some one who has ripped me off and taken my work for there own please do tell me.


2010-11-03 01:26:10

okie dokie i can do so